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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All we want to do is go home...

After a much needed girls’ night out last Friday, my sister and a friend of mine decided that it was time to head home. We were eating and talking for hours, and we decided that it was time to leave the restaraunt. Unfortunately we were way too exhausted to travel home by TTC, so we agreed to grab a cab.

We piled into a nearby cab and we were off. A few minutes into our journey, the taxi driver asked us, “Are you allergic to smoke?” We thought that his question was a little peculiar, but we told him that we do not smoke and we did not want to smell like smoke either.

After that situation, the cab driver went back to his call (he was on his cell phone) and we sat in the backseat in silence. I was happy because I had a long day, and I just wanted to go home and relax. I was practically picturing myself getting into my pajamas and diving into my big, cozy bed.

About 10 minutes away from home, our cab pulled up at a red light, right behind another vehicle. The light turned green and the cab driver proceeded to drive. The driver in front of him hadn’t moved as of yet, and in a matter seconds, all we heard was a loud crash. Both my sister and my friend’s head flung forward.

I was happy that we weren’t seriously injured, but I was furious at the carelessness of our driver.

The police arrived on the scene within minutes of the crash. They spoke to both drivers—the cab driver and the driver of the car that was hit. They asked us if we were okay and that was it. They didn’t take our names or ask for details on the accident.

To make matters even worse, after the cab driver spoke to the police officers, he had the audacity to ask us to pay the fare! After I argued with him for a good 5 minutes, we stupidly paid. (we were surrounded by a few police officers and all) When you think about it, we actually paid to be in an accident!?! Go figure.

After we gave him the money, the officers said that we were free to leave. I asked him if he needed some information about the accident and he said no. I left the scene very angry. Not only were we left to wait in the chilly evening air for what seemed like eternity, but we weren’t given any information.

My sister recently called the police station to follow up with the accident and was told that this accident was never reported.

To all of you that take cabs, keep your eyes on the driver!

peace & love



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