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Coffee, cornbread and conversation

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Monday, May 21, 2007

The life of a freelance writer...

As you might already know, I’m no longer a 9-5er. I left my j-o-b in the end of November and I have since started (finally!) actively pursuing my writing career. Over the past few months I’ve been pitching stories, writing articles, and completing a marketing course (BTW, it was the BEST course that I’ve ever taken! Yes, I unintentionally became the teacher’s pet!).

At times I miss the order in my life that working a normal job used to provide. You get up, eat breakfast and go to work. The life of a freelance writer is a lot different (to say the least). I don’t have a set schedule, so one day I might start my day at 9AM, and the next I might start working at midnight. I will say that that is the best part of working for yourself.

Since I am self employed, I sometimes get a little stir crazy and actually crave the hustle and bustle of work life (I also miss chatting with my crazy, yet entertaining ex co-workers). I’ve been working for so long, that when you stop you’re a little confused. But then I actually think back to when I was working and how stressed, agitated and unhappy I used to be. I realize now that setting my own hours, working when I want and knowing that I am ultimately my own boss, is worth not being a 9-5er anymore. So I guess being a freelance writer isn’t so bad after all. Until my next entry…

peace and love


pssst… When I’m not writing or being “productive”, I have become slightly obsessed with College Hill (BET’s version of MTV’s The Real World). I love the drama, the foolishness and all those fights. Yes, I’m not proud, but damn it’s good!


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