I Don't Know How to Ride A Bike... <BR>(and other ramblings): Wednesday Diversions...

I Don't Know How to Ride A Bike...
(and other ramblings)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Diversions...

As usual, I'm about two months tardy joining the bandwagon, but I finally got a chance to see this clip on You Tube:

Call me a sentimental, sappy crybaby (just please, not to my face), but I got a little emotional watching this clip.

Just think about it...this four minute clip serves as a
harbinger for two of the most fundamental lessons in life:
1. Never judge a book by its cover.
2. It's never too late to reach your dreams.

I'm just gobsmacked that anything remotely positive could be associated with Simon Cowell.


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