I Don't Know How to Ride A Bike... <BR>(and other ramblings): November 2006

I Don't Know How to Ride A Bike...
(and other ramblings)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And The Nominees For Worst Album Cover Are...

Bette Midler, Cool Yule

Beyonce, B'Day

Diana Krall, From This Moment On

Diddy, Press Play

Gwen Stefani, The Sweet Escape

A Bunch of Teenagers, High School Musical Soundtrack

Weird Al Yankovic, Straight Outta Lynwood

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This Just In...

Some might attribute my fantastically vast time between posts to sheer laziness or an unhealthy penchant for watching You Tube for hours on end. But the truth is, I waited this long so that I could follow up my last post with this:


-- LATER --

Here's Britney Spears with a nifty new haircut, looking all happy and cute on "The Late Show With David Letterman." It's nice to see that she's back to bathing herself and occasionally kicking scumbags to the curb.

Screen caps courtesy of Breathe Heavy.com. You can go there for all the latest news on the divorce proceedings.