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Monday, August 07, 2006

Thanks for clicking ... a word from the author.

Photo Credit: Debbie Moore

The mere idea of this blog obviously peaked your interest, or else you wouldn't have clicked this far ... so thanks. I take my writing seriously so I plan on being as open and candid as my mood allows me to be.

I'm a single woman attempting to live life to the fullest. Some stories might be real life experiences I've lived through or that I live vicariously through others. Sometimes my mind gets carried away and the imagination takes over ... who knows. There will be some long entries, series of events and of course, short gripes I might have and post randomly. All names that might be posted are fictitious. It's a blog ... not a book. It's a blog ... not a performance. It's a blog .. not a column. I guess it's 'Reality Surfing" ...

Regardless, welcome to "I Got a Love Jones" hosted by Afrotoronto.com. If you feel to reach out and share ... please, be my guest and post your comments. I only ask that you respect me as an artist and other members who might post comments. No name calling, we're all adults.

Thanks ..
Gentle Aura

Monday, September 05, 2005

call it what you want

Friday, September 02, 2005

Compelling radio interview - Mayor of New Orleans

speech from the mayor of new orleans ... nothing that would be aired on major networks....

Click to Listen

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those during this time of devasation ...

Friday, August 26, 2005

RIP - KEMDI (Nkemdilim Amadiume)

The past little while, I've been crazy busy ... which hasn't left me much time to blog. Today, I know what I want to talk about. For those of you in the house scene, you've probably heard that Kemdi passed away this week ... a fighting battle with MS. Her most popular tracks were "Still A Dancer" one of my favorites and and "You Groove Me". For those of you not familiar with her work, please, take a moment to listen. Her words are truly powerful. I just want to share her music with all of you. Still a Dancer is touching song about her life of music and how MS prevented her from dancing.

Listen to Still a Dancer

Kemdi "Still A Dancer"

who'll take a chance on me now
oh I know, I'm not the safest bet
but all my chance aren't taken yet
cruel heart, won't you just let go
cruel heart, we both know

but love's not the only answer
cause in the dark, you're still a dancer
whoa oa hwoa oa oa oa whoaaaaa yeah
you're still a dancer

spinning twirling twisting and turning yeah
whoa oa hwoa oa oa oa whoaaaaa
in the dark, you're still a dancer
spinning twirling twisting and turning
in the dark, I'm still a dancer
in the dark, I'm still a dancer
in the dark, I'm still a dancer

so who'll take a chance on me now
who's left to love me now
oh I know, yes I know
that I'm not the safest bet
but all my chance aren't taken yet

cruel heart, love's not the only answer
cause in the dark, you're still a dancer
whoa oa hwoa oa oa oa whoaaaaa yeah
you're still a dancer
spinning twirling twisting and turning
in the dark, I'm still a dancer

you've got these feelings and they're burning inside
you know they say a good love is a friendship on fire
you try to hide it but it's starting to tell
that deep down, something is happening and you know it as well

(blended bridge and chorus)

in the dark, I'm still a dancer
I'm still a dancer

RIP Kemdi (Nkemdilim Amadiume)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If I Don't Get Lucky ...

Special note: This entry probably won't have much direction ... I just happen to be sharing some shit that's on my mind. If it makes sense to you, do more than post a comment, flip me an email - you're probably someone that I can vibe with.

Got your attention with the title? Uh huh. Thought so. Just because this blog is called "I Got a Love Jones" doesn't necessarily mean every entry is gonna be about love or sex ... sex is a physical state (no cyber sex here) tsk tsk tsk go get a chat room or something.

Seriously, if I don't get lucky soon with ...

intense stimulation

that is
I might lose my mind

I'm not talking the 9-5 ...

5-9 ...

when your entire being yearns to exist
24 hrs a day
the time that's spent from dusk till dawn
sipping on pirate rum and smoking handmade cigars

As I type this, I find myself trapped in this song ...

If I Don't Get Lucky

When I first heard it, I thought it was about sex. Same way YOU probably did when you saw today's title. But it isn't (about sex). Listening to his vocals has me wishing, sometimes that I would get lucky, for one night and find myself on the phone ... caught up for hours in conversation, unaware of time. Conversations that take me back to comparing stories on who got beat with what .. belt? cou cou stick? ringing of the ear ... then gliding into breaking curfews, old school tunes ... the first heartbreak ... and everything else in between.

Haven't been so lucky ...
(My Lucky 7 pic)

It seems lately the people I meet are so confused with what they want. There are so many parameters. Sex, no contract. We can hang out, no sex. Friends with benefits. Text me. Email me. Link me. Chat me. Offline me. Then when you finally schedule in the time to hang out there's so much anxiety about 'where it might go'. Shit, who cares? Why do people put so much emphasis on 'where things might lead to? The pros, the cons. Can't we all just enjoy good company, if it goes somewhere .. mutually ... cool. If it doesn't ... mutually ... cool. But why stress the situation? Why can't we just breathe easy?

Why do some people act and/or feel as if you want to date them just because you approach them or genuinely like them as people? Has anyone heard the term ....

I enjoy meeting people.

In your mind, say the following sentence ... say it with me ...

"Some nights, I'd love to forget about working and just get lucky laying there face to face, across from someone who can (insert your mental desire here)."

So do it. Absorb it when it happens.

Funny as it may be, the three people that consistently stimulate me the most is someone I've never met face to face afeni, someone I used to date and my business partner.

Maybe, for me, it's not about getting LUCKY.
It's about BEING fortunate.

Ok, so maybe this blog WAS about love.
Maybe I just gotta mental love jones going on tonight ...

Anyone can read what's BIG AND BOLD
Takes a certain someone to understand the fine print.

(i took this in Florida in 2004)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who took it??

Ok, WHO took my skirt?? It was viewable in the blog yesterday!



Monday, August 15, 2005

Black Skirt

I bought a brand new black summer skirt. One that would flirt with the boys as I walked on by. I wondered why I was feeling as if I could glide on cloud nine. I remembered some talk in the past about how men would fall victim to a woman in a summer dress. They would talk about her contours and he was sure he could see the hemline that barely blew against her knee … Most men would talk about how fine she looked, hooked on the fluidness of her summer dress. As I briskly strolled along the city streets noticing the thermometer at 32 Degrees or 89 Fahrenheit, I knew it was summer. I almost pitied the men who fantasized about long legs and tight short skirts. Overtly revealing mysteries no longer thought about. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, for me, the shorter the better. But tonight was all about my flowing black skirt. Smiling to myself as I spied on men that crossed my path, thinking about how hot their legs must feel – sweat running down the back of their legs or accumulated in god knows where. I chuckled at the idea of a long sleeved shirt, done up to the neck, with the collar and the tie tied in knotted chokeholds. Socks on his feet that could only be marinating toe jam that he’ll forget to clean out …cooked in leather shoes laced up to the base of the tongue. Suited up to surf heat waves, boogey boarding sun rays.

I giggled as I evoked conversations of men insinuating how hard it must be ... to be a woman. I thought about all of this as I consciously walked down the street feeling the power of the sway of soft light material as it tickled my legs with each step that I took. I was hooked with my new black skirt. I converted from short and opted for long. I could safely be free of panty, string or thong. Liberated by summer breezes that would blow curls in my face, collide to my breast and travel down to my waist. My fluid black skirt caressed each leg as it glided past the other, surrendering itself to the shape of my thigh. Cognizant of wind holes on the ground, I’d walk on the edge teasing on looking strangers who thought I’d forgot about the Marilyn Monroe shot. If only men could feel what it’s like to be a woman in a flowing black skirt. He’d appreciate the softness, the sensual moistness of freedom. A man would learn why a woman would pay extra for fabric that flows as opposed to one that’s exposed.

It’s the womanly thing to feel sexy. As much as the short ones draw attention, to wear nothing under the longer lengths, will definitely raise eyebrows as they wonder about that mischievous smile on your face …. as I sashayed on by in my new black skirt.