PPT will be responsive to the changing needs of youth in Toronto and the many people and communities that create the vitality and resiliency of our city. We acknowledge that systemic barriers to equity exist and that PPT can also perpetuate systemic barriers within our organization.  Equity can only be achieved by actively pursuing it as a goal and understanding that it is an ongoing process with no completion date. We strive to ensure we are supporting and creating inclusive and equitable environments. We value diversity and inclusion and are committed to working towards equity. We recognize that treating all groups equally will not result in equity. Doing equity work must include a willingness to embrace discomfort, we commit to engaging with discomfort and see it as a good guide that we are on the right track in achieving justice and liberation for all. We will continue and increase our work to make meaningful, respectful and equitable connections with marginalized communities and individuals, through sharing resources, creating more opportunities to collaborate, making authentic connections, co-designing goals, and engaging leaders with lived experience to ensure all communities in Toronto see themselves reflected at Planned Parenthood Toronto. One important way to help achieve equity is to amplify the voice and power of marginalized communities. We want to ensure that people can thrive and reach their full potential by amplifying the voices and power of the community. We commit to reporting back and communicating about our successes and challenges in our equity and inclusion journey.
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