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January 2008

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Meres J. Weche

Theatre Review: Intimate Apparel

Intimate Apparel Since it’s opening over a week ago, Obsidian Theatre’s latest production, Intimate Apparel, by the gifted 43-year-old African-American playwright Lynn Nottage, has been an undisputed... read more..

Adele Ambrose

Oscar Peterson: Simply the best

The memory of a legend lives on. Toronto, provided a send off worthy of a hero last Saturday, a send off forever etched in our psyche. As one of the thousands who lined up to pay tribute to Dr. Oscar ... read more..

Staff Writer

The Evolution of Hip Hop Videos

No one can deny the overwhelming amount of media that surrounds us. It’s everywhere; from ads for soft drinks to ads for sneakers. And there is always some type of sexual content involved in most. A l... read more..

Staff Writer

40 is the new 20!

Cathy Morenzie Is it really all downhill from here?Hello 2008 and Hello big Four Oh! Yes, this is the year I turn 40 … if I were a pessimist that means my best years are already behind me. Check this... read more..

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