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December 2005

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Staff Writer

Stereotypes, a personal journey

Should we accept the stereotypes given to us by society or should we ignore them? As I sat in my Effective Persuasion class at Ryerson University last week, my professor said something that r read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Who is Joni NehRita?

If you have not heard of Joni NehRita Rodney yet, it will only be a matter of time. This charismatic and talented artist has been wowing Toronto audiences for years with her brand of uplifting read more..

Meres J. Weche

Building a Creole Legacy in Toronto

An interview with the founders of Unleashed Legacies “We at Unleashed Legacies believe in making a difference. Basically what we’re doing is not really to make money, but to make history. … There’s c... read more..

Meres J. Weche

Giving Black Dance a Voice

An Interview with Patrick Parson, Artistic Director of Ballet Creole “We need to accept ourselves more in the community. Because you know we have this thing: “Oh I see ‘dem already”. But then a forei... read more..

Undercover Brother

From the Blog: Lust at work

When we think of places people get all dressed up for with the pre-meditated intent to grab the eye of the opposite sex, we often think of the club or bar scene. As one of this blog's commentators rig... read more..

Staff Writer

Five Percent Nation

“I fear for the 85 who don't got a clue” ---Method Man I was volunteering at a Seventh Day Adventist Church recently. As I chatted with some of the young members, the subject of Hip Hop came ... read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Jah Beng brings a river of healing

Toronto is a city with musicians galore and that makes it challenging for all of them to get mainstream recognition. Many times we seem to focus on musicians with notoriety; those with the gre read more..

Staff Writer

Is Love Overrated?

When in love are we not distracted human beings preoccupied in our thoughts of the other person? What they’re doing, what they’re thinking right now, how much we miss them, how great it is to spend ti... read more..

Staff Writer

Being Zaki: An interview with Toronto-based singer Zaki Ibrahim

“That’s the one question that I don’t want to answer,” singer Zaki Ibrahim says as I ask her how she can be musically defined. Her music to the average ear accustomed to our traditional classi read more..

Staff Writer

ON THE MOVE: An interview with Canadian Idol Judge, Farley Flex

Farley Flex is known to many as the “kinder, gentler, judge” on the hit show Canadian Idol. His keen eye for talent launched the career of Canada’s most successful solo rap artist, Maestro Fre read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Meet Britain's first black Archbishop

Another black person, another African has entered the annals of history. In a lavish ceremony that married the pomp of the established state church with the colourful energy of African dancers read more..

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