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Staff Writer

Making the Connection

Singer/songwriter Kellylee Evans An interview with Jazz vocalist Kellylee Evans It is a clear, sultry voice that fills the room through the speaker-phone and gives me goosebumps. Jazz vocalist Kel read more..

Meres J. Weche

Can Real Men Dance?

An interview with Ballet Creole's Patrick Parson about the new all-male dance show Breaking Out “Dance is very athletic, even though it’s emotional. You have to move in space, you have to jump in spa... read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Jungle Fever - Toronto speaks

Editor''s Note: Recently we ran two articles by Jane Musoke-Nteyafas on interracial relationships. The response from the public was overwhelming. So to continue the discussion, we decided to publish s... read more..

Meres J. Weche

The Genius Loves Company art project

An interactive web artistic experience exploring the theme of art inspired by art "For myself, it is the uniqueness and the scope of this project why I am taking part. I believe art should be part of... read more..

Staff Writer

Meet the Global Diva

Toronto Jazz Singer Amanda Martinez An interview with vocalist and band leader Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz they call it; a combination of the traditional US Jazz harmonies with Cuban folk rhythms and... read more..

Staff Writer

Sometimes a Hello is just a Hello

Have you ever been walking down a hall by yourself at work, or maybe school and seen a black person walking towards you? You keep walking, then direct your eyes at the person coming towards you. But y... read more..

Adele Ambrose

Gordon Parks: The Man and His Art

Gordon Parks (1912-2006) Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? Shaft! This line is so familiar to many of us, maybe because Shaft is an icon of black power. But who is t read more..

Staff Writer

This is Muna!

Singer/songwriter Muna Mingole An interview with singer and songwriter Muna Mingole It’s 11 am on a Sunday morning. On the other end of the phone line, songwriter and vocalist Muna Mingole is a wa read more..

Meres J. Weche

Essence of a Diva

An interview with opera singer Denyce Graves For one night only, tomorrow March 16th, our city will host one of the most exciting and renowned voices in the operatic world. Denyce Graves will be g... read more..

Undercover Brother

From the Blog: The Calling Game

It's one of the oldest games in the book. We've all been through it. When is it appropriate to call after you exchange phone numbers with that cutie by the bar? Most people's golden rule is two days... read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Jungle Fever - Part II

It was a cool evening on the streets of Yonge and Bloor as I waited impatiently, shivering from the bone-seeping chill, for the traffic light to rotate to red. A green leaf floated by as if trying to ... read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Jungle Fever - Part I

Sisters you know yourselves. Come on be honest and just admit it. Do not lie to yourselves either. Let’s be truthful here, because you sure were when you snorted under your breath with anger the last ... read more..


Our Home and Slave Land?

Dr. Afua Cooper investigates the roots of slavery in Canada "How do we unearth the Black past -- one rooted in slavery? How do we recover the story of Angélique that lies buried in obscurity? The tra... read more..

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