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November 2006

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Staff Writer

Heartbeat Hotel

Recently, I decided to take advantage of my hard-earned vacation days and head down somewhere warm. I checked out the Flight Centre board in my work building’s underground mall and picked Costa Rica. ... read more..

Kam Williams

Rough Crossings

Britain, the Slaves, and the American Revolution   “Seeing the Revolutionary War through the eyes of enslaved blacks turns its meaning upside down. … The vaunted war for liberty was a war fo... read more..

Movie Reviews
Staff Writer

There's Something About Borat

Something’s been bothering me about the movie Borat. I could not identify what it was exactly, but I knew I had to try to dig it out of me. It was only recently when watching Bamboozled for the fift read more..

Undercover Brother

The Search for "The One" - Part I

So what's up with the blog? So let’s get straight to the point. What’s up with the Undercover Brother blog? Part I of my summer dating report ended with a teaser promising a detailed cross-analysis o... read more..

Movie Reviews
Meres J. Weche

Conversations with Barbarians

An interview with South African Filmmaker Khalo Matabane Tonight, Cinematheque Ontario presents a screening of South African filmmaker Khalo Matabane’s 2005 film, Conversations on a Sunday Afternoo... read more..

Staff Writer

What is Urban?

What is urban art? In today’s society you either hear the term urban or say the word at least once a day. To understand what the urban art form is we need to understand the definition of the word urba... read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Where are the Baby Daddies?

In Canada, it used to be seen only in predominantly black areas but it is slowly growing into other areas. Fantasia and Wyclef Jean sang about it. Pretty young Black teenage girls pushing baby strolle... read more..

Meres J. Weche

For the children

"Children are the rock on which our future will be built” - Nelson Mandela "An evening like this can raise funds for HIV/AIDS medication and care for thousands of children who have been orphaned by read more..

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