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March 2007

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The Book of Negroes

Lawrence Hill is one of Canada’s most respected and dynamic contemporary authors. His novels and non-fiction works have been published with critical acclaim, capturing the interest of his readers. Hi... read more..

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Training Tips for Rock Hard Abs

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, your ab routine has to be a part of your overall fitness program! You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so think of your abdominals as the main link that holds your entire ... read more..

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Let My People Go

I had the opportunity to attend Nathaniel Dett Chorale’s latest offering, Voices of the Diaspora: Let My People Go at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, George Weston Hall.  The evening commemorate... read more..

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Got Skillz?

Behind the Scenes at the Scratch Lab DJ Institute One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that I get to meet really interesting people.  If I want to know more about someone or somet... read more..

Adele Ambrose

Griots t’ Garage

Uplifting the African spirit "Jazz fusion at its finest engaged the Harbourfront during KUUMBA this year. Pounding beats, electrifying back drops and a lively audience made for an incredible evening.... read more..

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King: A Graphic Novel

"King" by Canadian graphic novelist Ho Che Anderson, is a unique biography about civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. King is boldly told in the graphic novel format ("comic book" to the uninfo read more..

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>> Photo by Derek Muehl So what happens when you take an L.A. born musical talent and toss her into the mix of the New Orleans jazz scene? Simply put: one part hip-hop and one part jazz with a read more..

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas

Help! My Teenager Wants to Be a Video Girl

It’s been a hot topic for eons. Hip-hop culture and its misogynistic exploitation of women has been a source of contention and red-hot arguments. The exploitation of women in hip-hop culture has perp... read more..

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