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Meres J. Weche

To be or not to be traditional

Amaka Umeh, the first artist of colour to play Shakespeare's Hamlet in the history of the Stratford Festival, is no stranger to breaking norms. In this conversation, she shares how she has navigated h... read more..

Careers & Workplace
Meres J. Weche

Answering the call of journalism

An interview with Candace Daniel, host of Global News Morning. She shares the challenges she overcame as a young mother to follow her dream of becoming a reporter. My guest on this episode is first-g... read more..

Careers & Workplace
Meres J. Weche

Building a global community for Black professionals

An interview with the co-founders of BlackTies — a new app and global online community platform where Black professionals, entrepreneurs and students can have safe conversations about their careers, p... read more..

Finance and Money
News Canada

Did the Canada Revenue Agency really contact you?

(NC) Last year, about 100 Canadians a day were victims of a scam! Many of these scams imitate the CRA’s programs and services to gain access to your personal and financial information. So, how can you read more..

Meres J. Weche

Gone with the Black talent

An episodic series created, co-written, and co-produced by Amanda Parris that follows Dr. Toni Shakur, a self-help guru whose singular mission is to cancel the entertainment industry's reliance on tok... read more..

Careers & Workplace
News Editor

How to avoid workplace burnout in a hybrid working arrangement

Hybrid working arrangements are becoming increasingly popular with workers, as the mix between home and office work can mean that employees get the best of both worlds. This approach offers both time ... read more..

Meres J. Weche

Capturing the soul of Scarborough through art

An interview with the Spoken Soul Collective (Paulina O'Kieffe-Anthony, Randell Adjei and Dwayne Morgan) on their curation work on the ArtworkxTo-supported exhibition called Scarborough: The Backbone.... read more..

Meres J. Weche

Supporting Black creators on YouTube

  Black creators have played an important role in shaping the culture on YouTube. From fashion and comedy to politics, learning and wellness, Black creators have propelled the platform forward. read more..

Careers & Workplace
Meres J. Weche

Championing diversity at work and in sports

  Did you know that The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes (CHL), founded in 1895 and active until 1930, was an all-Black ice hockey league founded in Nova Scotia? It featured teams from acr read more..

Meres J. Weche

On reclaiming the Black beauty ideal

An interview with filmmaker Jennifer Holness about her debut feature documentary, Subjects of Desire. The film explores the destructive societal narratives that Black women and girls often face—while ... read more..

Meres J. Weche

Confronting HIV/AIDS stigma in Ontario's Black community

An interview with Wanjiru Munene, communications specialist at the African and Caribbean Council of HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO). ACCHO is a provincial organization that provides strategic leaders... read more..

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