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Toronto's New Echo

11 Oct 2005
Toronto is without a doubt one of the world’s most exceptional metropolises. It is the only city in the entire world that allows its citizens to retain elements of their individual identities while celebrating the echo effect of their differences in our heritage. Toronto is no melting-pot like its neighbour in the south, but more a metropolis that invites and embraces all the ethnic differences that make this city home to many people. It is in this milieu that the television industry is commemorating this rich cultural network to create television shows that Torontonians and Canadians at large can identify with and enjoy. One such Channel is SUNTV, formerly known as Toronto One.

On Thursday 6th October 2005, SUNTV hosted a celebration soiree for the launch of its new show called ECHO at the funky and impressive Century Room on 580 King Street West near Spadina Street in Toronto. The century room has a cozy warehouse-turned-loft feel, typical of sophisticated King Street West that gives the vivid impression of a well-planned private club. A glitzy lounge bar, the main floor is a celebration of feminine traces of fluorescent pink and mauve backlighting that embellishes the still-natural brick walls and naturally aged chocolate-brown hardwood floors. High ceilings, designer furniture, elegantly engraved aluminum washrooms and shimmering pink lighting, it is an interior designer and a visual artists dream. Designed by Designer Antonio S. Tadrissi of Prototype Design Lab it is a glossy, fun, cocktail lounge bar for modern hipsters.

The crowd that attended was a multicultural, multilingual, multitalented mélange of Toronto’s new generation of powerful and ubiquitous ethnic professionals who shape and influence our city and echo its true identity. The elite, mature clientele schmoozed, mingled, and exchanged business cards as they sipped on the complimentary cocktails, martinis and the surprise sky-blue Alizé treat, courtesy of SUNTV. Ladies in long elaborately-styled dreadlocks, cascading wavy hair and well coiffed L’Oreal hair donned classy garbs and sexy toe-revealing, high-heeled shoes. Ages spanning from their late twenties and above, the patrons nibbled on the rich assortment of well-crafted hors d’oeuvres which looked like Yorkville culinary pieces of art. Many ladies were in accordance with the fact that on this special night, the good-looking brothers from a wide selection of backgrounds far outnumbered the ladies. The head-turning brothers were very well-dressed and debonair in their suits and business casual attire. The Asian community, the Black community and the White community were well-represented, as symbols of what Echo promises to show its viewers.

Eclectic new-age music with sensual Africanized drumming highlights filled the background of the room, and towards the end of the evening, had a few people shaking to it. Among some of the notables present for the launch were Filmmaker and Executive Producer of ECHO-Claire Prieto, Gemini award-winning producer and former Executive Director of Toronto One, Karen King as well as Show Producers: Bobby Brown, Peter Lee, Nicole Brooks. There were also some people from the artistic and business communities including: Much More Music Videographer and host of The Loop, Richard Cazeau, Visual Artists Sandra Brewster, Ricardo McRae and Georgia Morgan, Poet Dwayne Morgan, Writer/Poet Karen Richardson and Opal Dining Lounge owners Antoinette Messam and Sean Grey Wilson.

Midway through the evening we were introduced to the key people behind this excellent initiative-the Executive Producer and the Show Producers. Two things that stood out were how they truly represented the ethnic harmony of Toronto and how hard they had worked. After a few brief speeches, we were shown the first segment of the show, which featured among many, Nick "Brownman" Ali multi-award winning Trinidadian born, NYC schooled, Canadian jazz, Latin, urban and studio trumpeter-composer. All in all, it was a sizzling, eventful night. SUNTV knows how to throw a great party!

ECHO is a new show that hopes to open a new era of Canadian TV. ECHO is an interactive weekly, half-hour magazine style program that showcases the accomplishments, achievements, advancement and personalities of flourishing, second and third generation Canadians and beyond of all ethnic backgrounds. Interlacing four diverse segments – career, style, arts and entertainment and self – in a glossy and sexy style, this revolutionary program offers an exceptional expressive platform for the newest generation of minorities who have excelled in their particular fields on a mainstream level.

"The combination of the stories we tell on ECHO and the talent behind them is certainly cause for celebration," said Claire Prieto, Executive Producer. "We believe that viewers will find ECHO both entertaining and inspirational."

According to SUNTV’s website, audiences will be introduced to a dynamic assortment of industry leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, movers and shakers who are making their mark on the enlightening Canadian cultural landscape. Segments will display a plethora of topics from health and fitness, to visual arts, to music, to literature, to film and television, theatre, family, personal growth, business, fine dining and social events.

Entertaining and upbeat stories that promote the rich aspects within each ethnicity will be featured. Using both musical and visual hybrids of cultural heritage, ECHO will show the integration of cultural customs into current Canadian day-to-day living and the richness and diversity of the participants.

ECHO is scheduled to air on October 8th on the new SUNTV channel. Next schedules are at 1:30 PM, Saturday, Oct 15 and 1:30 PM, Saturday, Oct 22. SUN TV is available EST on Rogers Cable Channel 15, Bell Express Vu 213 and Star Choice 326.
For more information go to http://suntv.canoe.ca/entertainment.html

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