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Toronto photography marathon

24 Feb 2010

From the island city of Florianopolis the maratona fotografia was born, the concept was simple, loaded with fresh film into their cameras and turn up their radios waiting for secret themes. They then race through the streets seeking out an image that captures the essence of each theme or concept. This race for photographers is drawn out over two days— a photo marathon — when it was conceived 11 years ago, www.torontophotomarathon.com

In Toronto two Brazilians Everton Souza and Lalo Porto brought the idea to life since 2004, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lalo –

How people respond to your concept?

Very positive, people are very excited to participate – we have people from amateur to professional photographers

How do you choose your subject themes?

Usually a couple of nights before the Marathon I sit down  and have a skype conversation for a few hours with the co-founder Everton Souza and we share ideas that we have , then by talking about them we begin to eliminate until we have twelve main themes. After this we go through and try to figure out the order, according to the best time of day ideas the are inspired with each themes... We have a list of themes that were already done before and try not to repeat them... I guess it will become harder and harder as the year go by... lol

Are you going to include subjects themes that are social or politic related?

We try to included some different ideas for a couple of themes that are related to world issues in general, social and or political. However, in the past I have gotten some negatives feedback about having political themes. Because it is really hard to have a political theme that is not bias to a political stance.

What are the challenges that you have encountered to make it happen?

Now days, the challenge that is most evident for me is finding people that still own an "analog cameras".

What's the prospect for the future? expansion?

In the future I would like to offer the marathon for free or a minimal registration fee And have a bunch of loaner cameras, for those that do not own one of their own. These would happen with sponsors and grant money. I also see that one day the Toronto Photography Marathon will have a venue space / art gallery of it own,  to promote a diverse range of art related event, including Alumni work etc.

Are you thinking on going Digital?

YES, but only when I can get a hold of a bunch of SDHD cards that are locked to only taking 12 shots and only erase with a password protection. Until then I''m hesitant of going digital as it will take away from the challenges proposed by this event - conscious photography!

The event start on Aug. 7th and ends on Aug. 8th, registration is still accepted.

For moe info, visit: http://www.torontophotomarathon.com/about.php

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