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In the Depths of a Diva

23 Feb 2007

An Interview with Author Linda Charles

Linda Charles is an up and coming local writer, who has put together her first book of poetry, In the depths of a Diva. In the Depths of a Diva expresses biographically the stages in Charles life from childhood to womanhood where she eloquently expresses her thoughts, feelings and views of society and life as a whole.

Born in Dominica in 1971, Charles began her love of writing and poetry in the seventh grade where her creativity and poetic writing skills developed. Charles theme throughout her book focuses on nature, love, racism and emotions while writing about the joys and happiness of life as well.

Charles goes on to express her love of poetry “My love of poetry began at an early age in English class where I started writing creatively with haikus”. Charles goes on to detail how she put the book together. “The book was done in biographical order, which started out in the early years of creativity moving on to adolescence transcending into my twenties”. Charles goes on to express the details of her poems “My poetry expresses my feelings throughout my life and convey my feelings about various topics such as racism in society”. Charles goes on to tell what she hopes to accomplish out of the book “ I would like to get my feelings out there, there is a sense of pride from accomplishing a book of all my work through out the years”. “I hope to let my readers know that everyone goes through these things and that I am only human”.

Charles is planning on a volume 2 which may cover her years in her thirties in future.

Linda Charles currently resides in Toronto and can be contacted at www.lindamcharles.com

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