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Did you catch the finale of the ‘Biggest Loser’?

I caught the finale this past Tuesday and I was so proud of all the contestants who lost incredible amounts of weight (100+ pounds). This led me to conduct my own mini poll -- I learned that as inspired as most people were by Ali and the gang, they could not identify with their reality.

Most (not all) of my clients have about 10-20 pounds to lose instead of 100-200. They are not willing, able or prepared to exercise 4-6 hours per day; they will never be taken away from their homes to make their health their single focus; they will never have a personal trainer and nutritionist at their disposal every day and they will never leave their families.

So how can you make the ‘Biggest Loser’ your reality? Try these simple yet challenging steps:

Sensible eating –eat as much natural food as possible while controlling your intake of  refined ( processed, packaged)foods, drink lots of water, stay conscious of what you eat

Smart habits- for most of us it’s the small successes we have each day that will have a bigger impact; stay balanced—don’t allow yourself to get too hungry, tired, bored angry and lastly- stress negatively impacts your  weight and health; lastly,  get into the habit of  writing down everything you eat.

Focus on your attitude-begin to take responsibility for your actions- choose what you will do, how you will act and what you will eat each day—avoid the blame game ( especially the time excuse)

Partnerships- Invite others to support you—the more the merrier- tell as many people as you can about your goals so they can support you

Exercise- find extra opportunities to move each day- get inefficient – it’s the total amount of activity each day that counts so find creative ways of increasing your activity. Stand up while talking on the phone or go for a walking meeting.

Who knows--you might find yourself on the next reality show for ''normal'' people.

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