The ten reasons I love rocking my fro…

25 Nov 2009


My natural hair journey has not been without its obstacles, yet I feel empowered whenever I think about all the wonderful things that come along with rocking my fro.

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and I am in no way trying to solicit natural hair converts.

1.      I pride myself on my individuality and I no longer feel like I’m being homogenized in the crowd.  True, the popularity of natural hair has grown in recent years, but with the versatility that natural hair brings us naturals are sure to add our own unique flavour to common hairstyles.

2.      I am learning so much about both my hair and Afro textured hair in general.  Most ethnic hair stylists are fully versed as it relates to chemically straightened hair, natural hair however is quite a different story.  This realization has forced me to educate myself by researching products, ingredients, tools, salons, etc., something that I never did when I chemically straightened my hair.

3.      My hair is in the healthiest state than it has ever been.  This is due in part to the research that I’ve done and the hair routine that I’ve created.

4.      I can use cool lingo like cg method, no poo, acv rinse and bunning.  Seriously, I feel like I’ve been given a key to a secret society where all the members speak in code and have behind door meetings on the philosophy of natural hair.  Oops, I’ve already said too much.

5.      I don’t worry about getting every strand in place anymore.  In fact, the less uniformed my fro looks, the better.

6.      The compliments I get about my fro are abundant.  Sounds vain, but we all secretly love attention.

7.      My Saturdays are MY Saturdays.  That’s right, no more sitting in a crowded poorly ventilated salon, getting shuffled from chair to chair, only to find out that your stylist triple booked and therefore your 9am appointment has now turned into a 12pm lunch & doo.  Whether I choose to sleep in on Saturdays or get an early start and the way my day plays out is now ultimately my choice.

8.      I feel like my style is more authentic.  I’ve always admired, purchased and worn funky (somewhat odd) pieces of clothing, however my fro tends to give my style a more cohesive flow.

9.      I workout without even thinking about sweating out my perm or press.  It’s a beautiful thing ladies!  When I used to chemically straighten my hair, I had one more excuse not to hit the gym.  Not anymore though.

10.  I can walk, run, skip, jump, dance and even sing in the rain sans the umbrella!  Gone are the days when the rain would dictate my every move.  Now, precipitation just brings a smile to my face because I know that I have been FREED.

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