Bathing Suit 911

29 May 2005

Now that warmer weather is finally here, we can bring out our sexy sandals, carefree dresses, mini skirts, and oh…the dreaded bathing suit.  Maintaining good eating habits can keep us fitting into our suits well into the summer.  At a recent Health and Wellness Seminar, Registered Dietician, Lynn McDonald, gave us her Top Ten Tips on managing our eating habits.


  1. Practice portion control.  Get to know serving sizes, they are smaller than you think.
  2. Watch out for reward calories. Treat yourself with something other than a slice of cheesecake after your power walk.
  3. Limit liquid calories that mostly contain sugar. Learn to love water. You should consume at least 1 litre a day.
  4. Eat heavy foods. Bulky foods like fruit and veggies fill you up quickly without adding excess calories.
  5. Decide what food you really love. Have a small portion and savour it.
  6. Tame your hunger. Keep full with healthy foods and don’t skip meals.
  7. Eat a big breakfast that includes a protein food.  It can stop you from bingeing on extra calories later in the day.
  8. Move before munching.  A quick vigorous workout before going to a party or restaurant can actually curb your appetite.
  9. Know what you are eating. Keep an accurate food diary for a few days. Most of us eat a lot more than we think.
  10. Watch out for the latest diet gimmicks. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.