HITCH IN T.O. - PART 3: My Charlotte

15 Sep 2005

One down, many more to go. After wiping the beads of sweat from my first "interview", I felt a little bit more relaxed.

I had just been saved by the bell and instead of seeing the glass half-empty, I figured: "If I could make it out of that one, the rest should be cool." Again, a mini metaphor for dating in general. But how many times have we dated people who carry baggages and negative expectations from past losers which we end up having to contend with? The Black Man''s burden. But more about that later on part 4.

I had noticed my next date as soon as I came into the lounge earlier. If I were to use Sex and the City as a barometer, she would be Charlotte. Surprise? I know, since I'm writing as Undercover Brother, I will admit that some of us men do watch Sex and the City and Girlfriends and have even discussed which one is more our type. As for the Girlfriends cast, my type would be Toni Childs. But then again, I was reminded by a female acquaintance that she has a thing for white dudes. Again, more to come on the politics of interracial dating.

Anyways, let's stop with the part 4 sneak previews and get back to my Charlotte. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Charlotte type, they are the ones who exude the "lady" aura when they walk into a room. And like Usher says, the one we all hope is a "lady in the street but a freak in the bed." Yeah I said it!

I sit down in front of her by a small table and hope that I can garner her interest in those few minutes. She's go that Toni Childs beautiful dark chocolate skin and that understated sophisticated look that, to quote Usher again, make me wanna say: "Yeah !!!". In case you haven't figured it out yet, I have a thing for high maintenance girls. Not the ones Kanye West raps about in his current hit or those who hang out around the Air Canada Centre locker rooms waiting for the baller brothas. No, I'm talking about the Robin-Givens-in-Boomerang type that I sometimes walk by on Bay Street on my way to work. The one who might just request your credit report by the third date. Not because she wants you to buy her rims, but to know if you can be that brotha she can see herself moving into that new condo complex they're building by the waterfront.

Why do I put myself through the aggravation?

No answer.

We all have our demons.

Not to get all You-remind-me-of-my-Jeep-R. Kelly on ya'll, but it's like having that beautiful Armani trench coat that just fits well, makes you feel good and, of course, attracts the looks.

We start talking and find out that we have much in common. She asks for my age and writes it down. Hummm ... another note taker. She looks like the "rules" type. But by the way she gazed back at me after jotting my vital stats on the note pad, I knew I passed the first clearance test. We talk some more about our life in Toronto since having both moved here from elsewhere. We both love this city. So much happening. Places to eat, shows to see.

I'll see her again ...