Kiss or Miss

23 Feb 2006

Eyes closed tight, drawing in for the sensual exchange, your lips meet - suddenly you realize that your bottom lip is being chewed, saliva is pooling down the side of your cheek and it feels like one of your fillings has been sucked out of your mouth.

"What the…?”

So I guess the underlying question here is, ‘Does it matter if your mate is a bad kisser?’

Now, I realize that there are many variables that play a factor as to whether you would do an about face and walk away or just carry some extra breath mints (or a mouth guard).

You may say ‘define bad’. The definition of ‘bad’ in regards to kissing encompasses a wide range of meanings.  Bad kissing can vary anywhere between, ‘This is not turning me on/I’m not feeling this’ to “My god this is gross!”

Now lets not make assumptions. Not everyone enjoys kissing. Not everyone is a kiss-er.

Some may say that if one doesn’t enjoy puckering up, it could simply be because they haven’t experienced the astounding affect of a toe curling, body-quivering, mind-blanking kiss. Kissing can be seen as a way to the soul, it’s the first thing a couple does the first act of intimacy.  Kissing was once described to me in the most interesting way.  It is the closest thing to consuming another individual.  The feelings experienced with a passionate kiss make us almost want to eat the other person up!  Alright… it sounds ludicrous, but is it?

Some might say, if your kissee has other great qualities then, what more do you ask for?  Must everything be perfect? For a fabulous person, can ''bad'' kissing be overlooked?

You can take the highroad and suggest Kissing 101 to those who are challenged at the ‘smacking sport’.  Gently showing your partner how to push the buttons that make you flutter.  If an attempt to gently perfect your partner’s pucker goes sour, then it may be a reflection of their personality and he/she could be seen as unwilling or even close-minded.  But really now, who wants to hear….’uh honey, everything else about you is great, but your kissing…. well?’

Medically, kissing is said to relieve tension and is a great relaxation technique.  The nerve endings on the tongue and the lips are the two most sensitive parts of the body…kissing stimulates these and causes feelings of passion.  The same neurotransmitters are released in passionate kissing as with skydiving or marathon running which explains the fast heart beat and irregular deep breathing

Unconsciously in the back of your mind there lurks the memory of that mind-blowing kisser that could make you forget your last name and have you seeing stars.  The truth is, although kissing is great, it isn’t everything.  And if that talented tongue tickler is the man or woman that you are with today… let me give you a virtual high five! At the end of the day, as long you and your partner communicate, and work towards gaining or maintaining closeness…whatever way you do it…do it with respect, and make it tickle. be perfect?  For a fabulous person, can ‘bad’ kissing be overlooked?

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