Holding Out to Hold On

23 Feb 2006

I apply a bit of scented lotion to my shoulders, making sure everything is trimmed, waxed, lubed, and oiled.  Sound familiar ladies?  Now that you’re reminding yourself of a Jeep, you-are-ready! Friday night is here and it’s time for loving, cuz that man is coming through.  Matter of fact, he’s been coming through for quite some time now.

You’ve been frequently seen together by your friends, his friends, and the ticket seller at the local Cineplex Odeon.  So as a couple … wait a minute ... are you a couple?  You do the things that couples do, say things that couples say, but officially, have you checked monogamy off your Couples Checklist?

Now we’ve all heard of getting your cake and eating it too. What happens if you lessen the portion? What happens if you take away the cake all together? Now I know the EwwyGooey portion of a relationship aka the sex, can be a feel good to both parties.  But I pose this question.  If a woman is intimate with a man before they are in a committed relationship … does this prolong how quickly a man will commit?

Now some gentlemen may say, a woman who is too quick to ‘give it up’ can’t be taken seriously. But I pose the question, why for a woman is it, the giving up and not the taking. What about the liberated, educated, free spirited women who know what they want? There’s no need to play the waiting game. They want it. They get it.  Some don’t have time to play the role of the ‘born again virgin’ each and every time they meet a man.

Other’s might argue, that if a woman takes pride and respect in herself and her body, she should have no problem waiting before engaging in sexual activity w/ a man.  She’s going to give herself a chance to get to know the gentleman better.  Does this safeguard sisters from the professionals? You know the men that make it a profession to figure out what women want to hear and skillfully utilize it to get the prize?

Oh you have kids, man I love kids!  Oh you love camping, I love camping, Oh you like money, I’ll stash some hundreds in my wallet.  There are the men that are willing to look like your Mr. McDreamy but only until they’ve knocked the boots, shoes, sandals, and flipflops.

Remember there’s something that we shan’t forget.  Men aren’t always the ‘culprit’.  Acts of sexuality for males can obviously be connected to deep feelings for a female.  He too can be foiled into thinking that intimate acts between the two equates to her being his boo.  Women too may have an agenda/motive as why they need the nookie.

Some may choose to communicate how much they care for another in the boudoir, while others may need a man to drop down on a steady knee.  Some may say they like the chase, while others might think it just a waste.  Gallant men may take as long as you want, while others may tease and taunt.

The truth is that regardless of what the ‘status’ is between two consenting adults, please brothers and sisters, let the main ingredient be respect.

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