From the Blog: The Calling Game

10 Mar 2006

It's one of the oldest games in the book. We've all been through it.

When is it appropriate to call after you exchange phone numbers with that cutie by the bar?

Most people's golden rule is two days. Call too soon (as in that same night), especially if you''re a man, and you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

But how golden are these rules? Should we forget about the games already and just go with the feeling?

A recent experience was a welcome breath of fresh air. I went to a trendy and cozy jazz lounge two weeks ago with a male friend to listen to some soulful live singers. There we were with our Smirnoff Ice drinks enjoying the show. Our eyes wandered around the room and, as usual, we started commenting on the good-looking ladies in the joint.

One of them stood out. She had those ever-so-sexy tall black leather boots covering her tight black pants, which stylishly hugged her curvaceous lower body. We spend some time talking about her. I tell my friend that I might have seen her before. I think she's a singer or performer I might have seen at a summer festival. She sits down by herself at a table right next to ours.

The show starts, and we again focus on the stage to enjoy the show,

In between two acts, she turns around and strikes up a conversation with us. We talk about our tastes in music, what we do, etc etc
We end up exchanging business cards. She has a beautiful smile and an angelic laughter, which you could recognize amid a crowd of people.

After the next act starts performing, she gets up and exists the lounge.

About half an hour later, I am somewhat surprised to suddenly see her crouching down to my right smiling at me. I smile back and we start talking. Turns out she tried calling my number on my business card but she got a voicemail. So she concluded that it wasn't my cell phone number. Sorry, I said, but I'm currently cell-phone-less. But I was glad she called and told her she could reach me at my home number anytime.

I was impressed by her straightforwardness and self-confidence. There was something extremely sexy about that.

We met for a dinner-date a few days later.

More to come on the next post (Don't worry, I won't make you wait a month again :-))

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