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One of the best delights each year is the Oscar Nominated Shorts program.  These come in 3 categories: Animation, Documentary and Live Action.


Last year, Live Action was the strongest category.  This year it is the Animation category.  Admission is separate for each category. So to see all three - pay three times.  But it is well worth the price.


Below is every nominated short described and reviewed.  Also listed are what I think are the best.  There is a tie for Animation.




AFFAIRS OF THE ART (Canada/UK 2021) ****
Directed by Joanna Quinn and Lee Mills


AFFAIRS OF THE ART is a film about obsessions - obsessionss of Beryl’s family.  Beryl is obsessed about drawings, her grandmother on pickling amid other obsessions. This animated short feature has already won numerous awards in festivals world wide and might be a shoo in for a win for the Oscars.  It is also my favourite.  The animation is fresh and different and the short feature is inventive, hilarious,  insightful and totally entertaining.  The film follows the thoughts of Beryl, the character who has previously appeared in Quinn’s Z(a British animator) other shorts.  Beryl is pregnant with Colin’s child, Colin who is equally interesting.  Colin rescued an in cured pigeon and became inseparable with it till it was killed by a cat, that Colin killed with precision with his crossbow. The less said about this featurette the better,  as it is full of surprises at every turn.  This one is worth watching multiiple times - an instinct classic.  The NFB is bringing all Canadians into the Oscar celebration with free streaming of AFFAIRS OF THE ART from February 8 to March 27 on NFB.ca.



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