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Meres J. Weche

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE SINGER?: Race and Celebrity 16 Years After "Do the Right Thing"

M: Pino, who's your favourite basketball player?P: Magic Johnson.M: Who's your favourite movie star?P: Eddie Murphy.M: And who's your favourite rock star?P: (hesitates)M: Prince.P: The Boss. Bruuuce.M... read more..

Movie Reviews
Staff Writer

Making waves

Interview with Wondwossen Dikran, director of Journey to Lasta, produced by Reel Image Pictures. Journey to Last was brought to Toronto by AfroSonic Entertainment. >> Wondwossen Di... read more..

Movie Reviews
Staff Writer

Queensbridge Comes to Toronto @ NXNE Fest

So who is Tragedy Khadafi ? That was the question hovering in the back of my mind as I sat down at the Royal Cinema for the feature film Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge . As the theatre slowly bega... read more..

Movie Reviews
Staff Writer

Lalita Krishna: director, storyteller talks to AfroToronto.com about the documentary film Tiger

AfroToronto: Give us a brief synopsis of what the film is about… Lalita Krishna: The film is about a wrestler, called Tiger who came to Canada when he was 15 years old and decided to pick up wr read more..

Movie Reviews
Meres J. Weche

Louis Mercier: a name to remember in the world of Canadian film talks to AfroToronto.com

Louis Mercier is a young filmmaker based in Toronto with a résumé rivalling those of some of Hollywood’s major stars.. He heads up his own entertainment company, Soulion, he has already acted read more..

Movie Reviews
Staff Writer

AfroToronto.com's Reel World 2005 Interviews

The Reel world film festival opened today (April 13th) with a screening of the “The Salon” a film by Mark Brown known for the Barbershop series and 2 Can Play that Game. AfroToronto met up with read more..

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