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May 2021

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Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( June 11, 2021)

It is horror fest this week with different offerings for different tastes. THE DARE - for those who like their horror at its most disgusting QUEEN OF SPADES - milder horror CENSOR - more artistic h... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( June 4, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:   CAVEAT (UK 2020) *** Directed by Damian McCarthy The word CAVEAT in Latin means let the reader beware.  And indeed the reader in this case is the protagonist, a lone ... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews (May 28, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:   AHEAD OF THE CURVE (USA 2020) *** Directed by Jen Rainin and Beth Medow Curve (magazine) is global lesbian media.  The magazine covers news, politics,&n... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews (May 21, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:   ARMY OF THE DEAD (USA 2021) ***1/2 Directed by Zack Snyder ARMY OF THE DEAD is a Netflix bought film that combines the zombie and heist  film genres.  It is one o... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( May 14, 2021)

FILM REVIEW:   HIGH GROUND (Australia 2019) **** Directed by Stephen Johnson A minor success already everywhere it has or possibly shown, especially in native Australia, HIGH GROUND unites ... read more..

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