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August 2021

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Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Sep 17, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:   23 WALKS (UK 2021) ***1/2 Directed by Paul Morrison 23 WALKS is a heart-warming comedy/drama about finding love later in life.  If there have been too many ... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Capsule Reviews

  All capsule Reviews are embargoed until their first screening (Press and Industry or Public) at the festival.  Dates embargo lifts are stated below.  Capsule Reviews will be posted o read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Sep 3, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:     DOGS (Romania 2016) ***1/2 Directed by Bogdan Mirică Even as the Toronto International Film Festival approaches September the 9th, next week, there are still films ... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Aug 27, 2021)

AMERICAN SAUSAGE STANDOFF (AKA GUTTERBEE) (Denmark 2018) * Directed by Urlich Thomsen Cabaret, sausage and small town American racism?  What do these topics have in common?   read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews (Sep 10, 2021)

FILM REVIEWS:     THE CAPOTE TAPES (USA 2021) *** Directed by Ebs Burnough It seems the public will never tire of the nasty little celebrity, the famous and glamorous writer Truman C... read more..

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