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March 2022

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Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Apr 1, 2022)

FILM REVIEWS:   100UP (Netherlands 2020) ***Directed by Heddy Honigmann   100UP is not to be confused with the Michael Apted documentary series 7 UP, 14 Up, 28 UP and 56 UP which follow ... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Mar 25, 2022)

FILM REVIEWS:   FAMILY SQUARES (USA 2022) **Directed by Stephanie Laing   Directed and co-written by Stephanie Laing with Brad Morris, FAMILY SQUARES is a film made during the Pandemic ... read more..

Movie Reviews
Gilbert Seah

This Week's Film Reviews ( Mar 18, 2022)

FILM REVIEWS   DEEP WATER (USA 2022) *** Directed by Adrian Lyne   There are two good reasons to watch the new psychological thriller premiering this week on Amazon Prime.  O... read more..

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