Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce launches the First National Black Chamber of Commerce

11 Apr 2019

The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce - Celebrates Excellence in Black Business Canada the “North Star” of the black Business renaissance.

The newly founded Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of this new initiative. With this announcement begins a new chapter in the Black business ecosystem in Canada as this endeavour is the first national Black Chamber of Commerce in Canada of its kind.

With a commitment to aiding in the growth, development and success of Black businesses the chamber holds the old Swahili proverb true: ‘Unity is strength, division is weakness.’ With that in mind the chamber’s main objectives are to Engage, Influence and Navigate the Black Business Ecosystem with direct services and programs to build and leverage capacity and resources for stakeholders, partners and members through sustainable pathways for ecosystem success.

The vision is to grow and build wealth for Black-owned businesses that will assist in building a strong economy by nurturing Black Entrepreneurs, associations, organizations while addressing business needs and further developing a business environment that is attractive, diverse, inclusive and stable”

More than 200 guests and dignitaries are set to celebrate the launch on April 25th, 2019 at the Toronto Metro Hall located at 55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3C6.  The evening will include a complimentary cocktail reception, an information session and a panel discussion about Growing Canadian Black Business, Entrepreneurship Investments, Access to capital, USA & Global Trade.

Guests speakers will include:

  • Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion
  • Nadia Theodore, Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta, USA;
  • Ron Busby, President of U.S. Black Chambers of Commerce

“Our government believes that an inclusive economy is a strong economy and further, that diversity is our strength. I’m incredibly pleased to celebrate the creation of Canada’s Black Chamber of Commerce. I always say that we must ‘see it to be it’ and so the importance of an ecosystem and network that will encourage and support the proliferation and success of black-owned and black-led businesses cannot be overstated. I look forward to seeing the achievements for the community, for industry and for Canada at large.” Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion 

"As Canada’s Consul General to the Southeast USA, it is wonderful to celebrate the creation of Canada’s Black Chamber of Commerce. I’m excited about the opportunities that the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce can provide to Canadian businesses, especially as they seek to grow in the U.S. market and globally. I look forward to following the achievements of the Chamber as they inspire Canadian businesses to seize opportunities on a global scale and I encourage future members of the Chamber to take advantage of resources such as the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to assist them in their success." Consul General Nadia Theodore’s

“As the voice of the United States' Black business owners, we look forward to expanding our reach to Canada to further strengthen our business relationships within the global African diaspora. Without a doubt, the newly launched Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce will serve as a key resource to Black Canadian entrepreneurs”. Ronald Busby, President of U.S Black Chambers of Commerce.



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