The woman behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Moxley's directorial debut follows her journey advocating for Black Trans Lives and redefining today's Black liberation work

Toronto, Canada - May 18, 2022 -- Forever Free Productions announces today the inaugural international premiere of the documentary short “Black Beauty” at the 2022 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Festival (May 26 -June 5). Directed by and featuring renowned Black liberation artist, community organizer, and freedom fighter Elle Moxley, the film will screen online under the Shorts: ICONS category on Thursday, May 26 at 12:00 pm, Ontario, Canada in the Inside Out Screening Room. 

The film’s director Elle Moxley has spent 30 years advocating for Black Trans Lives and multicultural women’s stories everywhere and she is considered among the world’s foremost Black liberation thought leaders. The film follows the journey of Elle in the midst of 2020 as she explores the complex tensions between being an independent thinker and losing oneself within social movement ideology.

“Growing up in Columbus, Ohio I know what it’s like to be labeled and counted out. My experiences influenced how I became an activist and more importantly how I became a survivor. However, that’s not where my story begins or ends. My identities have given me access to a multitude of understandings about how I see the world. This film is a celebration that we can be many things if we accept the invitation life gives us to tell our own stories. That is where liberation begins. I have accepted that invitation and refuse to be confined to a singular label. Being an activist is only a part of my story,” said Forever Free Productions CEO Elle Moxley.

“Black Beauty” is a visual diary that traces Elle’s evolution as a Black liberation artist and global movement leader at the intersection of race, class, and gender who is shaping the zeitgeist of today’s culture. The film captures a unique perspective that Black liberation work is rooted in celebrating individuality and reveals that the Black liberation movement is not a monolithic mainstream narrative. By recognizing and elevating the stories of individual organizers, Elle acknowledges that movements can be a conduit to find one's own truth within liberation work, however, it’s not the only path towards freedom. We must not lose our individuality.

"Black Beauty illuminates the struggles that many Black Trans Women are forced to deal with and offers a glimpse into one woman's journey to overcome them with grace, compassion, resilience, and determination. Elle Moxley is a force of nature," said Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council President and the 1st Black, openly Trans woman elected to public office in the United States.

Elle encourages us to find our own truth even if it means leaving behind what we once thought of as truths. Black Beauty is a cry out for hope, change, and the importance of self-love. Black Beauty is an invitation for us all to return home to ourselves. Through cinematic moments and meditations, Black Beauty quietly observes the storied organizer as she explores concepts of love, belonging, and home and relays her vision for our collective future – to create a world where individual voices are elevated and celebrated amidst organized movements.

"We are honored to be sharing such an important film at Cinema Columbus as a way to educate and enlighten," said Molly Kreuzman Cinema Columbus Coordinator.

Tickets can be purchased HERE. Watch the Official Trailer Here.

Black Beauty (USA, 26 minutes, English). Forever Free Productions Presents Moxley’s film “Black Beauty.” Executive Producer Elle Moxley. Producers Laura Tatham and Laura Pilloni. Edited by Kamillah Amirah Bryant and Princess A. Hairston. Director of Photography Emir Fils-Aime. Music by Jason Yang. Associate Producer Yanett Ramirez. Cinematographer Caleb Crossen. Written and Directed by Elle Moxley. A Forever Free Productions release. For more information visit: Black Beauty website.

About The Filmmaker

Elle Moxley is a renowned Black liberation artist, model, storyteller, director, producer, community organizer, and speaker from Columbus, Ohio. Currently, she is the CEO of Forever Free Productions and the Director of the featured documentary “Black Beauty.” She also serves as the Executive Director and Founder of The Marsha P. Johnson Institute. A freedom fighter, advocating for Black Trans Lives and multicultural women’s stories, she has led campaigns including “Raise The Debate,” #SayHerName National Day of Action, and the first-ever National Day of Action for BLACK Trans Women in 2015. As a thought leader, she has delivered Keynotes at The Movement for BLACK Lives inaugural convening, Harvard University, Columbia University, and the Schomburg Center for Research in BLACK Culture. As a model, she has collaborated with fashion designer Pyer Moss and has been a Billboard feature for H&M in Times Square. As a multi-faceted public figure, she has been recognized within Essence’s Woke 100, The Root 100’s Most Influential African Americans, and Avenue Magazine’s Power List 100. Her work has been featured in TIME, CNN, MTV, The New York Times, and more. 

About Forever Free Productions 

Forever Free Productions (FFP) is a film, content, and entertainment company that gives voice and visibility to historically underrepresented communities. FFP works to highlight and promote stories from silenced and underserved community voices, offering audiences access to a world where they can be transformed.

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