SheMentors Grow & Connect Bootcamp

Saturday, 15 May 2021 10:00 – 15:00
This event is online
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Our SheMentors Grow & Connect Bootcamp is a day of connection, learning and celebrating the continued growth of our community.

About this Event

#ChoosetoChallenge yourself

WHY join?

Feel empowered to think big and take risks with tips and strategies to implement into real-life solutions

  • Gain actionable insights from 3 different coaches to take your skills to the next level
  • Learn from women who have been in your shoes and triumphed over their barriers
  • Build a network for yourself of like-minded women who can help you get to where you want to be

This bootcamp will consist of 3 group coaching sessions, as well as breakout and networking sessions throughout!

Coach 1: Nadia Ciani, speaking about Work-Life Balance & Productivity

Nadia Ciani is currently ManpowerGroup’s Vice President of People & Culture for their Business Partner team across North America. In this role she is dedicated to executing on Manpower’s contemporary human resources strategy, which includes ensuring the organization finds, keeps and develops great people. Leading the HRBP team, Nadia is accountable for delivering on the organizational employee value proposition, Careers With Purpose.

With over 25 years of extensive Human Resources experience, Nadia is a recognized expert in Human Resources and provides Leadership to the organization relying on her past experience working at the Canadian Securities Institute and at Mount Pleasant Group of Companies.

Nadia holds an Honours Bachelor of Art’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from York University in Toronto and is a Certified Mediator and Business and Life Coach.

Coach 2: Danielle Smith, speaking about Personal Growth & Transitioning Careers

Danielle Smith is a Growth Coach, Certified REBT Practitioner, Published Writer & Creator of her signature program The Breakthrough Blueprint. She believes that when women overcome it becomes their duty to help their sisters in transition, and that is the mission behind her brand, You Betta Glow Girl Coaching that teaches women how to live the lives they truly deserve. She combines her down to earth approach and ability to meet people where they are with the tangible tools she’s gained in her toolbox to ‘loan her clients’ faith, provide accountability and a manageable plan to figure things out. As one of her favorite influences Oprah once said, ‘You just have to take the next best step‘. Using herself as her own case study, Danielle began to devour every article, book or course she could find on Personal Development in attempts to change her narrative and alchemize the pain of surviving domestic’s and sexual abuse. She was determined to shift her reality. Today, she can be found coaching with her minority-focused Coaching Business, YBGG Coaching, ghostwriting a book for her copy firm or pretending to be the next contestant on Iron Chef.

Coach 3: Narley Karikari, speaking about Procrastination & Goal-setting

Naa-Larley Karikari, popularly known as Narley, is a Ghanaian-Canadian 5x Board Certified Mindset Coach specializing in hypnotherapy & neuro-linguistic programming based in Toronto, Canada. Narley specializes in helping millennial women uncover & release the unconscious mindset blocks that create procrastination, self-doubt & self-sabotage , so they can gain more clarity and confidence & step into their purpose in life and business without fear.

To date, Narley has mentored women in Australia, Africa, Europe and all over North America. From humble beginnings in Mississauga, Ontario, Narley has overcome addiction, an unstable childhood and what she calls "chronic low self-esteem". Today, she dedicates her time to her missions to liberate women from the personal barriers within their minds.


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