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September 2023

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Meres J. Weche

Haitian film Kanaval at TIFF offers needed fantasy perspective

The fantasy genre, whether in literature or film, has been known to be severely lacking in cultural diversity representation on mainstream platforms. But Black and other diverse creative voices do exi... read more..

Meres J. Weche

Revolutionizing Shakespeare: Stephen Jackman-Torkoff on the bold interpretation of Richard II at Stratford

Stephen, a non-binary performer, brings a fresh perspective to these iconic plays. They shine a light on the significance of having diverse voices in theatre and showcase the remarkable talent of the ... read more..

News Editor

TIFF announces Ava Duvernay's new film Origin as a Gala presentation

TIFF CEO, Cameron Bailey, is excited to announce that filmmaker Ava DuVernay will return to TIFF with her latest offering, Origin. DuVernay’s film will have a Gala screening at Roy Thomson Hall o... read more..

News Editor

New report highlights gaps in Black representation in the K-12 curricula across Canada

A recent study from the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO), conducted by Turner Consulting Group, shines a light on the need for consistent inclusion of Black Canadians and Black history in ele... read more..

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