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3 affordable ways to create a home office that works for you

31 Dec 2021


(NC) This year’s home must-have is an office space that offers flexibility to go seamlessly from video calls to virtual classroom to everything in between. To help you create a workspace that works for you, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares three affordable tips to create a stylish office no matter your style or budget.

Choose colours that promote productivity.

Struggling to find focus when working from home? Your wall colour can help promote a sense of calm and concentration to help you through your busiest days. “Tints and shades of green such as Spa AF-435 or Flora AF-470 can help foster a sense of calm and support your productivity,” recommends Grech.

Giving your home office a coat of green paint is a project you can do yourself, and the increased focus and reduction in eye strain will help you work smarter all year long.

Make room for your workspace.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, you can easily create a place where you can focus by making a work area in your home. A floating shelf or a side table can double as a compact desk in small spaces. Once you select where you want to set up your workspace, clean up any clutter that could be distracting. Grech suggests shopping your home for baskets, mason jars and catch-alls to store office supplies such as notebooks, pens and loose papers.

Create a chic background.

On video calls all day? You can create an envy-inducing backdrop in just one weekend by painting out a bookcase, including the backs of shelves, in one solid hue like Amazon Soil 2115-30. Grech recommends choosing a durable paint designed to adhere to wooden surfaces such as Advance interior paint for results as professional as your new office. Once dry, position your bookcase, with styled shelves of books and decorative objects, behind you for a put-together background.

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Tips for coping with anxiety and sadness during COVID

31 Dec 2021


(NC) There’s no doubt that the pandemic has caused stress and anxiety for many people across Canada and around the world. Even if you know you’re not the only one feeling sad or lonely, this realization may not be enough to help you cope — especially if you’re dealing with a major life stressor, like a layoff or loss of a loved one.

If you are struggling to cope, these tips may help:

Put down your devices.
Indulging in things that bring you joy are perfectly acceptable. But being glued to your laptop or smartphone for long periods of time will only lead to a sore neck, back and eyes. Extensive electronics usage can also lead to a host of other issues, such as insomnia, demotivation and depression. If technology is taking over your precious time, take a step back to rethink how you use it.

2. Cut back on your vices.
Being cooped up, it’s understandable that many of us have been leading less healthy lifestyles than pre-pandemic. But overindulging in binge drinking, smoking, takeout and couch time may not be the best option for coping with anxiety and sadness. Though they may seem small, these habits can pile up to have adverse effects on your mind and body.

3. Give yourself a daily routine.
Something as simple as opening the curtains when you wake up, making your bed and brushing your teeth can help you begin the day with a hopeful mindset. Seek inspiration and ideas for self-care, and block out certain times of the day?even just a few minutes?to devote to yourself.

4. Seek out extra support.
Sometimes even the most helpful tips and strategies are not enough. Fortunately, you can access free help 24/7 from the comfort of home. On the Wellness Together Canada portal you’ll find free, reliable information, self-assessment tools, and have the option to connect with peer support, social workers, psychologists and other professionals for confidential text sessions or phone calls.

Support is just a call or click away. Find more information at wellnesstogether.ca.

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Accelerate your career through e-commerce training

27 Dec 2021


With fast-changing marketing trends, a variety of brand new job titles with diverse roles and responsibilities are evolving out. We can easily find people with various electronic devices and multiple accounts on different social media platforms in the digital boom. Technology advancement and the rise of the internet have made it possible for people to access probably every facility in this world with a click.

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We, the Afropeans: Black photographers in Europe – in pictures

25 Dec 2021

The British photographer and author Johny Pitts has curated a series of images exploring Black identities in Europe for photography journal The Eyes Publishing. From Steve McQueen-inspired collage to a studio portrait with tomatoes, they explore feelings of displacement, community and belonging.

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Source: The Guardian

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What Do Black Executives Really Want?

04 Dec 2021

Companies are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as never before, talking about it publicly, making strategic hires, and putting metrics in place to track progress. And yet, according to in-depth interviews and focus groups we conducted over the past several months, many are still struggling to create environments in which Black professionals feel they can thrive.

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Source: Harvard Business Review

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Setting a graphics career into motion

02 Aug 2021

Emmy-award-nominated Haitian-American artist Donavon Brutus is a motion design and illustration artist based in San Francisco, California. His wide-ranging professional experience includes working as an animator, illustrator and designer. He's used his award-winning motion graphics skills both through in-house studio settings and freelancing in various sectors such as education and science outreach.

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