TOP 10 Films 2023


1. THE ANATOMY OF A FALL (France 2023) Directed by Justin Triet

Winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, this courtroom drama is more about taking control of one’s life than anything else.  Engrossing from start to finish, writer/director Triet has created a commercially watchable masterpiece 

2. THE ZONE OF INTEREST  (UK/USA/Poland 2023)  Directed by Jonathan Glazer

The top film on many critics’ list is an art film on the banality of evil.  A Nazi Officer and his wife, live in a luxurious residence, filled with servants with a fully stocked garden and pool to boot, just next door walled away from a concentration camp.  So mesmerizing and shocking is this groundbreaking film that it will blow one’s mind away.


3. THE KILLERS OF A FLOWER MOON (USA 2023) Directed by Martin Scorsese

Scorsese in top form with his regulars De Niro and DiCaprio playing heavily stealing land from the indigenous Osage tribe.  Epic and elaborate in scope and ambition,


4. ALL OF US STRANGERS (UK 2023) Directed by Andrew Haigh

Romantic fantasy about coming out, finding oneself and coming to terms with reality in this erotic tale that is wonderfully performed by a top-notch cast,


5. The Promised Land

The film is an excellent period epic full of spectacle, especially of the barren and almost impossible-to-be-tilled heath of Jutland.  Actor Mikkelsen is nothing short of superb in this role, carrying the film steadily with his serious-looking face, unable to give up his ambition.

6. The Beasts


THE BEASTS is a grueling edge-of-the-seat thriller with things escalating from bad to worse to unbearable for the poor French couple trying to settle in a foreign land.  Director Sorogoyen stages intense confrontation set pieces with rising tensions and danger.  The situation's intensity is meticulously built up to a climax that will knock the audience off their seats.

7. OPPENHEIMER (USA 2023) Directed by Christopher Nolan







Unforgettable horror movie that will leave one silent and gasping in horror at the devastation of humans by the atomic bomb.  Director Nolan in top form making a historical epic for a change and succeeding immensely.

8. BLACKBERRY (Canada 2023) Directed by Matt Johnson

Canada makes it to the top 10 with director Johnson’s immensely entertaining tale of the rise and fall of the blackberry company,


9. THE QUIET GIRL (Ireland 2022)   Directed by Colm Bairéad

THE QUIET GIRL is a quiet, simple story that drives the fact that the simplest tale can create the greatest emotional impact.  The film is both a coming-of-age story of a 9-year old girl, who while still wetting herself occasionally in bed, discovers love and kindness in a temporary family for the first time.  And the effects are incredibly moving.  THE QUIET GIRLwas filmed mostly in Gallic, with subtitles


10. Nimona


NIMONA is an animated epic tale about finding friendship in the most surprising situations and accepting yourself and others for who they are.  

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