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Jane and Finch dared to dream. Now Metrolinx dares to double-cross

06 Aug 2020

How do we stick it to the poor, the unconnected, the voiceless, the weak and powerless among us? Count the ways — ending, today, with the stomach-turning abandonment of plans to deliver a desperately needed cultural and community hub project to Jane-Finch.

The weasels are the double-dealers at Metrolinx, builders of the Finch West LRT; they are never to be trusted again.

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Source: TheStar.com

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Intimations by Zadie Smith review – a wonderful essayist on the lockdown

02 Aug 2020

Pandemic reflections and street encounters from a writer whose self-doubt is central to her talent.

Smith is a wonderful essayist; she’s a natural. She writes as she thinks, and she thinks crisply and exactly, not in abstractions, but through the thick specificity of people and places, fragments of story.

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Source: The Guardian

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Black artists come first: Lessons from Philip Akin after 20 revolutionary years at Obsidian Theatre

30 Jun 2020

The acclaimed artistic director talks to Amanda Parris. Watch their conversation. 

After co-founding the organization in 2000 and taking over as AD in 2006, Akin is stepping down from the position after nearly 15 years. Many have and will continue to sing his praises, and Mr. Akin undoubtedly deserves all of the flowers. Under his tenure, Obsidian has nurtured, developed and supported thousands of Black theatre artists across the country.

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Source: CBC.ca

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As the theatre world scrambles to 'do better,' it's time these Black trailblazers get their due

29 Jun 2020

The last month has felt like a gruelling journey, as George Floyd's murder at the hands of police sent a ripple across the world that turned into a tidal wave. Outside of the Black community, I have never in my lifetime seen this kind of response to the unjust killing of a Black person or to anti-Black racism. Every industry began to scramble to make statements and respond to the protests and outpouring of awareness. The Canadian art world also joined in, posting statements and Black squares — some less successfully than others.

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Source: CBC.ca

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