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Canada, COVID, and Police Brutality: The Experience of the Black Community

28 Jun 2020

Protests are sweeping across the United Sates due to the public murder of African American George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Cities have risen up in response. The federal government and US states and municipalities have responded with tremendous use of force to shut down demonstrations and silence protestors thereby, denying them their First Amendment rights. In my country, one response to the “Floyd Rebellion” is to ask “Could it happen here in Canada?” This question not only underlines Canada’s feigned innocence and ignorance but also its hypocrisy. Police brutality against Blacks happens here—over and over again.

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Source: Moore Institute

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Adrian Harewood on three decades of fighting systemic racism in media

28 Jun 2020

Adrian Harewood is the co-anchor of CBC Ottawa’s 6:00 news and host of the network’s Our Ottawa newsmagazine. He is also one of the few on-air journalists to have been consistently outspoken about the public broadcaster’s deep-rooted deficiencies with regard to race and representation, well prior to this month.

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Source: Canadaland

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OCAD U hires five new permanent faculty in recognition of the international decade for people of African descent

02 Jun 2020

OCAD University’s Faculty of Design is pleased to announce the hiring of five new tenure-track faculty members who self-identify as Black peoples of African Descent (including Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, North America and Latin America), as a special program under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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Source: OCAD University

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Peel board review team finds ‘racism and discrimination’ and slams administrators for inaction

13 Mar 2020

The reviewers detail how racism disproportionately impacts Black students, from lower enrollment in academic classes to higher suspension rates — and often for dubious reasons such as “wearing a hoodie,” do-rags or even hoop earrings, says the reviewers’ report, obtained by the Star.

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Source: TheStar.com

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