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Buying a pre-construction home?

25 Apr 2021


(NC) Buying a new home is a big commitment and it comes with a lot of paperwork. But understanding these documents can help you protect this major investment.

By far the most important document is your purchase agreement, which is a legal and binding contract between you and the vendor. However long and intimidating this document may be, there are three key pieces that you should look for.

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Eunice Bélidor Becomes First Black Curator in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’s 161-Year History

17 Apr 2021

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has named Eunice Bélidor its new curator of contemporary art, making her the first, full-time Black curator in the institution’s 161-year history.

“This is something that happens in all the institutions I go through,” Bélidor told the Montreal Gazette. “Wherever I have been hired before, it always sends that message (of change), because I’m usually the first Black person holding that position.”

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Source: ARTnews.com

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UTM professor wins award for contributions to more equitable drug policy

17 Apr 2021

, Assistant Professor in the department of sociology, was awarded the University of Toronto’s President’s Impact Award this year for his contributions to the study of inequality and criminal justice and his work to raise awareness of related issues. His research has had a significant impact on public policy and public discourse in Canada.

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Source: University of Toronto Mississauga

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Kardinal Offishall named Senior Vice President, A&R for Universal Music Canada

11 Apr 2021

Universal Music Canada (UMC), the country’s leading music company, today announced that multi-platinum, award-winning artist and producer Kardinal Offishall has been named Senior Vice President, A&R, a promotion that further solidifies his role curating current and future artistic legends.

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Source: Universal Music Canada

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Ryerson renames law school after the Honourable Lincoln Alexander

07 Apr 2021

Ryerson University announces that its Faculty of Law will be renamed the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Ryerson University. The renaming will be made official at an inaugural year-end celebration, which will take place virtually on May 6, 2021. University pays tribute to Alexander’s legacy as a leader in the fight for racial equality

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Source: Ryerson University

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Karine Ricard on becoming the first Black leader of a professional Francophone theatre company in Canada outside Quebec

21 Jan 2021

Ricard, who takes over the helm of the TfT in July, joins a number of other recently appointed female Black theatre leaders in Toronto, including Weyni Mengesha at Soulpepper Theatre, Tanisha Taitt at Cahoots Theatre and Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu at Obsidian Theatre Company. “It’s bigger than me; it’s bigger than anyone,” says Ricard of this tide of change.

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Source: Toronto Star

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